Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's My Birthday. I'm Gonna Do Like Ellen and Dance......!

It's my birthday! It's my birthday! Woo Hoo It's my birthday! Excited much? Me? Maybe! I swear. For me, birthdays never get old! (fnar! fnar!) The weeks leading up to the magical month are just draining for everyone around me. It's all I can do to limit my reminding all and sundry that - October 26th? Yes, it's my birthday!

If I could display "It's Andi's birthday October 26th" on a Times Square Billboard? I would.

Oh, wait! Someone already did that for me! (tres attractive non?)

Happy Birthday!

It's not just the big day that is fantastic! Oh no. The days before, when you are getting cards in the mail and you JUST CAN'T OPEN THEM???????? Awesome! You shake them to see if there's money in them! You try to steam the seal so you can see who they are from. You know all the tricks! It's like Christmas for me and I'm a little kid all over again.

I will never tire of my birthday. My cards. My presents. My friends helping to celebrate my birthday!

I'm getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it.

I am however, working today. October 26th? On my birthday. 2nd shift. But I'll get over it. Coz tomorrow. I'm off to Chicago to party with Michael for the weekend. What better way to spend your birthday weekend?

I've also been thinking about the past year. All the ups and downs, the good and the bad times and sometimes, I think the year just flew by and nothing much happened. Happen I was wrong. Looking at this slideshow, bloody loads of stuff happened. I hope the coming year has as many good times!

...ballet, tap or just plain old ballroom?...

You know I was talking about starting a new hobby? I'm gonna start attending dance lessons! Me! Aspiring to become a doyenne, a diva, a dance star! Well, maybe not so much a star but I'll be doing something dance-y.

Who knows, maybe someday next year, there'll be a YouTube video clip of me doing a dance move other than the crappy robot which, to be honest? I was crap at.......

So there you have it. Today, October 26th? It's my birthday!

I went from this to this!

Me.  Aged about 2 months.  Or something. I'm really NOT drunk here.  Really.

Brilliant! Wonder what I'll look like in the next 37 years?

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