Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Fart in a Fog!

I have never had a party. (I know, 30 *cough* years old and NEVER had a party!).

*waits for sympathy.......that never arrives*

I have never even thrown a party (again with the shock and awe!)

However, one of those is about to change.

As you know, The Macs, from Switzerland no less, will be arriving on Thursday for a week of mayhem, mishaps and mischief...... from our previous encounter this is a given. We have plenty of things planned for while they are here. Shopping, drinking, fishing, drinking, pedicures (for the ladies), drinking, Niagara Falls, drinking and drinking.....well, you get the picture.

Coincidentally (or not), while they are here, it is George's 40 *cough* rd birthday. So, we are having a party.

Invites have been sent (have you received yours yet?) and now, all that needs to be done is organizing the whole thing.

But as I said earlier, to me, it's like looking for a fart in a fog. I have NO CLUE where to start. I could draw on the experience from parties I have been to previously, or I could just curl up in a foetal position and wait till it's all over. I desperately want to go with the latter but I'm a big girl now and need to show that, while I stay at home all day, it isn't just to surf porn on the internet and IM my friends *waves to all her IM buddies*!

I need to show that I am a perfect housewife *doodles in dust on desk* and can organize anything in no time at all and be the envy of everyone......

Thus far (bear in mind the party is in less than a week and 30+ people SHOULD be showing up throughout the day), here is what I have done.

Sent invites and sat on my arse.

Actually, I tell a lie. I also went to visit the QPT!


(Queen of Party Throwers - Jill!)

She gave me copies of her party checklists, advice and all sorts of useful information. Now, the party we are throwing isn't anything on the grand scale of Rick & Jill's parties, however, I'm going to try my best to make it a good party and with the knowledge I have gained from the QPT, it should be pretty good. So, from tomorrow, I'll be running around like a blue arsed fly and hopefully, come Saturday afternoon, people will be drinking, eating and having fun. I can't believe I didn't even organize a cleaner to come in and help!

We have the pool and the deck if the weather holds up; the bar downstairs if it turns shitty. Right now, the weatherman is saying a high of 76 (24) degrees and a low of 55 (13). That could change. Knowing my luck we'll have some kind of freak snowstorm, the likes of which have never been seen in NEO. I think however, that once I've had a drink or two..............

Aside from that, we will have the music, the food and the atmosphere, so make of the party what you will.

Anyway, I'm going to try not to let it all get to me, and just look forward to seeing my fabulous Ms Mac (yes Helen, MINE!!!! She's all mine!).

So, my ending question is: Have you thrown any parties before? and if so, tell me the disaster/triumph story related!

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