Thursday, August 03, 2006

UNICEF - Help a sista out!

Question of the day:

Why can't UNICEF be the people who organize my city's (Mentor School District) school supply lists?

It is that time of year, the kids go back to school on the 23rd (Not that I'm counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds........) and once again I will be given supply lists of pens, pencils, folders, books, fees for this, fees for that, etc., to purchase. This will run about $100+ for each child. Now, "What does UNICEF have to do with this?" you may ask. Well, on the Qantas flight home from New Zealand, there was an envelope in a pack, given for travellers to donate extra currency they may have to UNICEF. On the envelope they gave the following info:
  • $25 can give a whole village water for a year (or something village-y)
  • $2 can give a whole village tetanus shots (or something village-y)
and then this!
  • $20 can supply a whole village with school supplies for a whole year (or something village-y).


You do the math..........

*emigrates to some African village, somewhere in Africa*

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