Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My brave, brave husband........

Last night, I was sleeping in my daughters bedroom.

Nope. I wasn't arguing with George - well, I was, but that was days earlier........

We had gone to bed but I kept fidgeting and he couldn't sleep so, being the thoughtful wife that I am, I offered to sleep elsewhere to give him a good nights sleep.

Anyway......... I was asleep, when I heard this rather loud noise and some swearing. My first thought was "Fuck, the builders are here? It's 7:30 already?" but then I turned around and saw the clock illuminating a 4:31 am sign.....

Now I know the builders are conscientious but a 4:31 am start? We aren't paying them that well!

So I get up and peer through the blinds in the dark to see what was going on. I couldn't see anything and after a couple of minutes I got back into bed thinking I had dreamt the nosie.

Only a couple of minutes later, Georgia wakes up and says "Did you hear that?"

So I get back up to the window and again, peer through the blinds. Only this time, I can clearly see someone in the back yard wearing a white t-shirt! (Obviously not an expert burglar or anything, I mean white at night?)

So I go downstairs and wake up George with a rather loud whisper "George, wake up!!!!!!!!!!"

I tell him what I've seen and ask him whether I should call work (you know I work at the P.D right?) So he tells me to call work then proceeds to get dressed!

I'm all "What are you doing?" and he says "Going outside to investigate!"

Er "hellooooooooo?"

This is America! People have guns even in this small town! You don't know who could be outside! But he continues to get dressed and go upstairs while I frantically call work and give them the low-down on whats going on. Merely minutes later, flashlights are all over the place in the back yard, George is outside and I'm just a big ball of mess in the house.

What if the burglar had already been in the house? What if, after leaving the house he decided to go for a swim in my pool to cool off and wash away any evidence? What if he decided that he liked the layout of the deck and came back the next day for the blueprint and killed us all, then again, went in the pool to wash away the blood?

Hey. It was 4:30 in the morning. I can think what I like that early, OK?

Fortunately, the perp* was G.O.A** and my officers were U.T.L.***

The house was safe and unharmed, no items stolen. We all went back to bed. George, irritated coz he had only just managed to fall asleep. Georgia, relieved that she wasn't going to be an orphan and me, smiling, coz the first thing my husband wanted to do was protect us all!

If anyone out there already knows George then this obviously comes as no surprise but still, it was a nice thing to see!

George - smiling! VS burglar

No contest!

*Perp - Perpetrator
**G.O.A. - Gone on Arrival
***U.T.L. - Unable To Locate

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