Monday, August 14, 2006

Oh, Chicago.........

Well, another weekend in Chicago over and done with.


Just when I thought I couldn't have more fun than last time, Michael and his friends show me how wrong I was.

I could tell you about:
  • how every toll booth in Milwaukee appears to have construction going on and that the 2 hour trip turned into 4.
  • how Chicago has more crazy people per capita than say - the entire planet.
  • how DCI ROCKS!
  • how going to a party where there are 125+ gay men and not one of them looked at me once was distressing
  • how I slept with 5 men one night and the earth didn't move once!
  • how, while being in a traffic jam dancing to Barry Manilow in the middle of the highway while throwing frisbees with your traffic neighbor is not the worst way to spend a half hour on Saturday afternoon
  • how Michael's new place is so totally fantastic that I want to move in with him and Jimmy.......
  • how the end of October can't come soon enough for a Halloween Party

I could tell you all that, and so much more....... but I won't bore you with my fun. It would be like looking at someones slideshow of pictures. You know what I mean.

Oh, and here IS my slideshow! (Speed it up if you want!)

But for a TOTALLY "Where's Waldo" moment, here, in these three pictures, you will find a picture of me. Can you tell where I am?

The Bean The Bean Under The Bean

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