Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's been a week

since I last blogged? Huh.

Well, to update you on what's been happening and why I haven't blogged will mean I have posted so here goes!

Upon my return home from Chicago, ABC news contacted me(Seriously!) about a comment I had left on this web-page of theirs. I had just been 'at' the kids to tidy up and do something in the house and they had once again not done what I asked and I saw the ABC article and commented about my little - er - cherubs?! Anyway, ABC called and asked if the kids would be on TV and I said yes, and they spoke to the kids, and now, I have to call the one woman again to organize what's going to happen and when! Who knows, you, the blogging world may get to actually see me (and the kids) live!

A day or so later, I was at Cleveland Airport again (I swear, I should get free parking for all the bloody business I give them) to pick up my cousin Kelly - a first timer to the U.S.

Since then, I have just been spending time with Kelly, in the pool, in the bar, in the mall, in the bar, in the bar and oh, in the bar again! Introducing her to the delights that are Cherry Bombs, Chocolate covered strawberries, ranch dressing etc.,

Apparently, the only way he can stop me from falling.....

All this fun we are having basically means I have little or no time to blog. I am keeping up with my e-mails however so if you want to keep in touch with me, that's the way!

Me.  Behind a bar.  Drinking. What's new? Dancing with the pole.... Favorite napkins from our favorite Matt

We are also busy arranging George's birthday/housewarming party tied in with a 'Meet the Macs' gathering all for the 9th September. Keep an eye out in your mail for the invite. If you don't get it, e-mail me! This technically will be the first official party we have hosted so I'm all nervous about it. What if no-one turns up? What if it sucks? What if........ Mind, once we all get drunk who cares?

On a brighter-less-stress note:

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.............."

My kids go back to school tomorrow!

*cartwheels across the room*

and that folks, is about it! For about another week blogging will be sporadic but after that? I can assure you, back to normal!

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