Friday, August 25, 2006

What kind of day did we have today?


*stamped on our hands upon release*

Kelly and I went here today. I have decided that I am far too old to be riding rollercoasters.

The weather forecast said that today would be crappy. Cloudy, thunderstormy, wet and windy.

In actual fact it was 88 degrees, sunny, hot and gorgeous.

I'm glad we didn't listen to the *cough* Mark Johnson, News Channel 5 weatherman *cough*. It was an awesome day.

The added benefits? Today is almost the end of the season for amusement parks (apparently) and most of the area kids are back at school! The park was almost empty! The longest wait we had was oh, at least 4 minutes!

Mind you. (and you knew there would be a big ol' but......)

Going so quickly from ride to ride meant that my stomach didn't have time to settle before the next ride. Oh that and the fact that Kelly bought me a big cup of Pepsi.

Yeah. Pepsi and these rides?:

X-Flight The Villain - appropriately named

Don't mix!

Tomorrow, we will be heading to this fabulous place:

Niagara Falls

The weather forecast is showing that the day will be hot and steamy, with highs in the upper 80s, possibly even reaching 90 degrees. Then a cold front moving in will bring some stormy weather beginning Saturday afternoon and continuing into Sunday.

So I'm thinking it could go either way......

Wish us luck!

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