Thursday, July 20, 2006

101 things to do...............scratch that. 10 things to do on a bloody long flight

As many of you know, I'm leaving tomorrow for New Zealand to see these two:

My brothers.

Now I'm quite looking forward to seeing them as I haven't seen the one on the right, Dave, for 6 years! Richard, I saw him last year I think, give or take a year.

What I am not looking forward to is the flight. It's a 4 hour flight to LAX then a 12 hour flight to Auckland.

So that's 16 long-killing-me-slowly-are-we-there-yet? hours.

Along with two (hopefully - long story) kids, pillows, iPods, and noise-reduction earphones and books, I'll be set for about er......the first leg of the journey.

Any ideas as to how I'll cope with the remaining 12 hour flight?

I've heard the following ideas so far:
  1. Sudoku puzzles
  2. Sleeping pills
  3. Alcohol
  4. Play an instrument very loud to ensure the seat next to me is empty
  5. Rubics cube
  6. Write a story - a very loooong story
  7. Sing really loud
  8. Write a letter to someone I hate detailing why.
  9. Doodle
  10. Find someone hot and have sex with them
I can tell you that I will be doing 3 of those things. Leave it to you to figure out which ones!

So, what I'm asking for now folks are more ideas, coz quite frankly, the 3 I'm doing, won't get me through 12 hours! Help me out and sharpish as I'm leaving tomorrow! Don't worry though if you don't get this in time. You can still leave suggestions as I have the return trip to handle too (unless the outbound flights are just THAT nasty that I will be returning on some kind of ship which takes 6 weeks to come back in which case, Sailors? oh yeahhhhhhhhh!)

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