Thursday, June 08, 2006

And you are????????

Last night, George and I went out to celebrate a retirement of a friend. I say went out, but we didn't get all dressed up or nothing, just shorts, nice-ish shirt and trainers. It was just the local bar.

Anyway, back to the story.

I was standing with some friends when a woman close by shouts "Aaaaaaandi, how are you?"

Now, this is not out of the ordinary - people shouting my name I mean. But I didn't know who she was! She clearly knew me very well though, as not only was she calling me "Andi" (everyone else, it's just Andrea) she then asked "How are the kids?". I answered "Fine" all the while trying to rack my brain as to the identity of this woman.

She then said "Come here, let's talk" and I was done.

I stood and had a long conversation, half hour or so, and had no clue who she was! The longer we were talking, the harder it was to all of a sudden say "I'm sorry, how do you know me?" She was obviously a nice woman, and someone I could see myself being friends with but for the life of me, I just couldn't place her.

Finally, someone came to my rescue and joined our conversation, which then gave me an out. I said "I'll be back in a minute, just off to the loo......" I went over to George and said "That woman I've been talking to? Who IS she?"

"That's Sue" he says, giving me a look of 'Are you an idiot?'

"Sue who?" I say, obviously the very idiot he thinks I am!

"Sue! Blah Blah's secretary." he says. "You were talking to her for 2 hours at blah blahs Christmas party." continuing "You both got on like a house on fire".

Now, I have to say that this Christmas party George was talking about? I was completely and utterly shitfaced. Yeah, the bosses wife, drunk at his bosses Christmas party. I'm a doll I know! Then other people around George confirmed what he had told me. I apparently KNEW this Sue woman.

So, I walked back and carried on a conversation with my friend Sue.

There is really no point to this story, suffice to say that you never know, when I'm having a conversation with you whether I think I actually know you or not.

Please feel free to introduce yourself time and time again, just to let me know!

'preciate that!

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