Friday, May 12, 2006

What do you get.............

When you have chest pain, shoulder pain, a numb left arm and distinct feeling of dizziness?

If your answer was "A trip to the E.R." you win a million dollars, go straight to the end of the game and pick up a stripper on your way.

Yes folks. That was me at lunchtime yesterday.


Me in the E.R

Of course I look like complete crap, but hey, if you don't then you have no right to be there!!!!!

I'd not been feeling well about a month ago while at work, and so I did the obvious thing. Called my friend who is a paramedic and was on shift at the Fire Department next door. She got the 12 Leads out and ran a strip. Nothing too drastic showed except one PVC. So I didn't worry too much about it. Till yesterday.

I had a really bad pressure feeling and all the other symptoms I described in my award winning question up there! So, I decided to take myself to the E.R. Luckily my friend (the paramedic) is also a nurse at the hospital and she came down to see me. (and to take pictures if you can imagine! - every opportunity is a blogging opportunity!!!) As this monitor shows, my blood pressure was 'low' although earlier it had been 85/66. I usually have low pressure and it amazes Dr's that I don't pass out everytime I stand up!

My monitor at the E.R.

I was given Nitro (like I'm 82 years old or something!!!!!), Toradol to take off the pain, had chest X-rays and EKG's done all of which showed.......... NOTHING.


I was given lots of very strong pain meds and told to follow up with my doctor. They think it may have been stress. I concur.

So, I came home, in pain still, with lots of bruises on my arm from a nurse that apparently couldn't find a vein if her life depended on it.

There was a vein in the somewhere!

Cards and flowers to the usual address.......................


This is my friend Deana (the above mentioned paramedic and nurse who was ace and helped me out big style! Not the nurse however, who f*&@ed up my arm with the non-IV!!!!). She was also the one who was taking the fabulous pictures of me! Yeah Cheers for that Deana!

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