Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So you wanted the details........

A long post - but given that all my previous posts of late have been small, suck it up!!!

Remember when I wrote this post?

Well, here is what happened and why I wrote it.

My #2 son, had been threatened at school. With the school telling me "Boys will be boys" and that my son " isn't always the innocent one here", I tried my best to fix what was going on. 9 times out of ten, I will believe the school/teachers about incidents that happen there, but I ALWAYS let my kids know that while I believe the school, I will do my best to help THEM.

The school they attend is aware that I am a very 'involved' parent. I care about my kids, what they do, how they behave etc., When we ground the kids, they are grounded for a long time. If they get into trouble at school, they are grounded. If they get a bad report card they are grounded - usually until the next report comes around! (Hey, I sent one of my kids to New Zealand for all the trouble he was getting into so believe me when I say, that we deal with life issues with a very firm hand). I expect my kids to treat teachers and students with respect, as they would expect teachers and students to respect them.

So, with all that said, therein lies the problem. The kid that threatened my son (and obviously names are being with-held) is only 13 (actually, he may now be 14). This kid is huge! I mean body of a 21 year old though he seems to have a mind of a 21 month old. Anyway. This kid has a vast - and I mean vaaaaaaaaaaaast - juvenile delinquency history. VAST! He has a probation officer, parents who could give a shit less and basically, every time he gets into any trouble, he is given a slap on the wrist and a "Don't do it again!" warning.

Now, I was made aware of the threats against my son, and went up to the school to speak with the teachers to see what could be done about this. The ASSistant Principal I spoke with advised me that this kid was 'hanging by a thread' and that if he so much as made a threat of ANYTHING, he would be out of school quicker than you can say DELINQUENT. We brought my son to his office and we both spoke with him, advising him to stay away from this kid so that threats couldn't be made etc., I told him that the trouble with this kid was that he hangs around with 18/19 year olds outside of school who all have a history of violence etc., and that they would also get involved. Basically, the schools attitude is that so long as it happens off school property then a) it's one less headache they have and b) there is nothing they can do about it so therefore they don't have to get involved. My son understood, was sent back to his class and I thought that would be the end of that!

Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, later that day, I am standing in my living room, and around 4pm I see my son RACING across the front lawn (he never runs home!!!!) quickly followed by some other kid I have never seen before. This kid runs right through my bushes and I'm all "Oh no he di'n't" and I start to head towards the door to give him a bollocking. I hear the front door handle turn but no-one comes in so I go down the stairs, open the door and find this 'kid' kicking seven barrels of shit out of my son!

Oh yes. On my door step, this 'kid' is beating up my son! So of course, I react as you would expect.

NO-ONE and I mean NO-ONE messes with my kids. I roared like you have never heard anyone roar and ran down to seperate them. This kid, in the process of beating #2 son up then proceeds to start punching me as I am trying to get them apart! Oh yes! He is punching me!

Eventually I get them apart, and this kid runs off to a waiting car. Of course I call the police, they take statements etc., and I press charges.

Now get this. As my son was coming home on the school bus, he gets a call from the original juvenile that was making the threats and this kid stated that he was following the school bus and that they were waiting for him to get off and that when he DID get off, they would beat him up, which is exactly what happened. But wait. I still haven't got to the best bit yet! The car following the school bus? Was being driven by the juveniles dad!

Way to go to teach your kids good behaviour etc., Drive them to a fight!

So of course, I am more pissed off than ever. IDIOTS. IDIOTS. Like my life isn't already hard enough trying to bring my kids up, I have to deal with delinquent idiot parents that breed with other idiot parents who then spawn delinquent kids that I have to deal with.

Again, I am not saying my kids are angels. They aren't. But they don't have criminal histories. They don't have Juvenile Court history of violence. They DO however, have parents who punish when needed, care all the time and treat them with respect.

I am so sick and tired of having to deal with shit like these juveniles. The school that told me this kid "was hanging by a thread" lied. He is still there, making threats. They won't do anything about him. They know that he is going to court and I guess they are assuming that the court will take care of it. The court won't. He will once again get a slap on the wrist.

But you know what? This juvenile is dealing with the wrong person when it comes to me. I have pressed charges against the dad for Contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, the juvenile for Inciting threats and complicity to assault and the actual kid that assaulted me and my son for er... ASSAULT. (Oh, and FYI, this kid that assaulted me and my son? Has been expelled from school so is apparently 'home-schooled' HA! He was involved because he was a friend of the original kid.) I will be going to both my city police department and the adjoining city police department and getting copies of all reports that both these juveniles have been involved in (as this is public information - something not many people know) and I will be presenting them to the court - basically to say "THIS is how many times they've both been in trouble and I do NOT expect them to be let off so lightly this time"

I got the paperwork today that tells me the case has been scheduled for July 3rd but I'm away and will be asking for it to be re-scheduled. Thats why I decided to post about it.

Just a story of some things going on in my life. Feel free to let me know what you think.

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