Wednesday, May 17, 2006

and so I said "................

There has been a lot of talk over here about The Government - or 'The Man' - listening in on people's phone conversations. Some say they just look at the numbers, others think that all the lines are tapped. I could care less quite frankly. I'm not doing anything wrong, and to be quite honest, if my convy's are the highlight of someones day then woohoo for them!

Things 'The Man' will have heard lately:

"Wanna meet up for some Adult Beverages tonight?"
"OK. B-Dubs?"
"Yeah. 7:30?"
"OK See ya then"


"We meeting for lunch?"
"Yeah, pick me up at 12?"
"OK. See ya then"

or for the real fun conversation:

"Mrs Knapp? This is the school calling........................"
*hang up tone*

So there you have it folks. If 'The Man' feels that these conversations are worth their time, then so be it.

I do wonder though, if my cellphone company Alltel is charging the government for the itemised phone records. They charge me.


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