Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Recently, overheard in the Knapp household.....

  • Why is it green?
  • I think I followed through.
  • How do you use this remote thing?
  • Oh dear God, you aren't the man I married.
  • I suck and suck and suck and it just gets smaller.
  • It's the curves that do it.
  • Green is coming out both ends.
  • You're the most awesome mom in the world.
  • They want 35c for nuts!
  • We could become adult party planners. Not 'adult' party planners but adult party planners.
  • This suction thing could go along way.
  • Who's going to die?
  • You are my best friend.
  • No you can't have your temps.
  • Did I ruin your rythmn?
  • Is it STILL raining?
  • You are a hotty.
  • I'm glad she felt she could call me.
  • God damn, I love you.
  • What have you been eating?
  • I'm confused. Again.
  • I'm getting drunk.

as to who said what and why, I'll leave that to you!

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