Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Motor City Weekend, Oh The Memories!

Detroit, Michigan

Well, we had a great weekend. Once we arrived at our destination, the car was full of "Oh I remember that"s and "Do you remember when........"s.

The drive up was kind of quiet though. Want to know why? My travel companions weren't happy with the main choice of music from the radio.

iPod guy iPod Girl iPod Man

iPods out!

But that was fine. I didn't mind at all. *really minded*

The weather was fantastic, sunny and mild. We ate at all our favorite places, visited old houses (which were just so small now yet seemed so big when I first came to this country), schools, neighborhoods etc.,

Here is a quick story for you.

One day, at our old house, George was out talking to the neighbor's wife. They were Albanian or Croatian or something foreign. Anyway, he comes back to the house and I ask him "What is she called?" Now, my accent was thick back then but I didn't think it was quite THAT thick.

So the answer I get is "Rajip" and with them being foreigners and all, I didn't question it and proceeded to call her by this name for some time. One day, George asks me why I call her that and I told him, "You told me her name was Rajip".

He says "No, she DRIVES a Red Jeep. She's called Samira"

He apparently thought I asked "What does she drive?"


Reason #578 - Why Andrea changed her accent.

We had dinner at our favorite restaurant, went back to the hotel, watched Saving Private Ryan and then went to bed.

George realized that the hotel we were staying at was nearby the place we got married at so, the next morning we decided to take a side trip to see it - for memories sake you understand (I've already married him twice, three times might be just too much!)

A kiss at our chapel

When I tell people that we got married in 'The Little Wedding Chapel' which was also in a strip mall, they don't quite believe me. Here, as proof, is the picture of the strip mall.

The Wedding Chapel Plaza

Then before we headed back home, we drove over to Madonna's old High School for Jonathan (which wasn't too far out).

Jonathan - For you.

Rochester High School

Rochester High School, Rochester Hills Michigan

We stopped by the mall so the kids could spend some time doing 'their thing' and for us to spend some alone time!!!!!! and then it was time to come home.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Plenty of moaning and groaning about having to spend so much time in the car, and this and that, but we were laughing, smiling, reminiscing and what have you. I judge that to be a success.

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