Monday, April 10, 2006

Aaaaahhhhh, Nigeria!

We've all heard of those Nigerian scam letters wherein some wife/daughter/princess of a late dictator/prince/king of Nigeria, has died and now his widow/relative wants your help in getting his $80 million out of the country.


This 'help' usually involves you giving out all your bank details, IQ info, measurements and blood group to aforementioned Nigerians and before you know it, you are skint/broke/bankrupt.

It is usually people who are old/IQ-less and ugly that fall for this type of shit.

Not me.

So, where am I going with this post?

Well, I'll tell you! This afternoon, I had a 'missed call' on my cell phone and the number was not one I recognised (and believe me, I know ALOT of numbers!!!!!). It was a very long 13 digit number.

Did I call the number back as I usually do with any missed calls - recognised or not?


I Googled the country code and it came back to Nigeria! Nigeria of all places!

No before you ask, I did not send another of my children to a far flung place. I have no relatives, friends or other such people living in Nigeria. So who on this earth could be calling me?

I didn't want to call the number because who knows what would happen? What if it was a phone scam wherein once I am connected to the number, they then connect 92 other phones to my line that then call out to other countries all the time the charges are being applied to my account! You may think I'm being paranoid but I see it more as being cautious!

You know that this would be the one time my cell phone company wouldn't credit my account!

So, if you are interested in finding out who DID call me? Here for your dialing pleasure is the number. Good Luck!

234-803-6167833 (not sure what your country code would be to call them)

Oh, and if you DO call it? Let me know who it is!

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