Thursday, April 20, 2006

Me and Jim.............

Well, not Jim so much as Gym.

Yep. I took a leaf out of fuckkit's book and signed up for membership at my local gym.

Take a look at this picture and hazzard a guess as to which character I'd be.

at the gym

See, I am a fairly healthy fit -(ish) person, I really am. I eat well, I go for a good brisk 30/40 minute walk every day but I can't seem to get rid of my er...... let's call it a tummy. Yep. I'm OK everywhere else but damn if I can't get rid of the bulge.

My main problem lays in motivation. I've mentioned this before, if I have someone literally knocking on my door every morning telling/shouting at me to "get off your arse", I'd be fit as a fiddle. Alas, I don't. But what I did do, is sign up for the package that includes a trainer to be with me during my training and workouts. I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to let people down so when I have my appointments with my 'trainer', I will simply HAVE to turn up. The extra $$$ that it's costing me should hopefully be worth it.

Plus, this gym actually looks good. There are sections that have ellipticals/treadmills which are in a movie theatre so you can watch a movie while working out! There are rooms that have windows blacked out so people outside can't be all staring in at me looking all sweaty and red-faced.

So far, my walks and watching what I'm eating has lost me 10 pounds. Let's see how I go with the gym. Oh, and an added bonus? I can take guests with me for a small fee. So, if you are here, and feel like you want to work out with me? Come along!

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