Tuesday, February 14, 2006


It's Valentines Day in case you didn't notice.

I had a romantic dream last night in which Brad Pitt poured his heart out to me. All his woes, joys etc., There unfortunately was no hanky panky, but you know, that's not what love is all about....... (or so I tell myself!!!!!)

Then I woke up.

I got a lovely card from the man, a box of Whoppers which are a very poor imitation of Maltesers.. They claim to be the original malted ball. But they aren't.

I think he also may be sending me some yellow roses (I like to be different!).

Not much else going on. Cleaning, TV Watching. I saw this list which is giving me some clue as to what to watch to put me in a more non-cleaning romantic mood. I think I've seen all the films but if it's a good film, I can watch it million times over, see The Princess Bride!

I may go to the movies and give Brokeback Mountain a second try. Hopefully the film strip won't melt again.

That's my day.

Romantic eh?

Hope your is however you want it to be.

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