Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Three down, many MANY more to go.........

I have decided that 2006 will be a travelling kind of year.

Actually, not just a travelling year, but a meeting new people year too.

You see, last year I had the privilege of meeting the following lovely bloggers:

First, there was Kim!


Kim lives local to us (as in about a 30 minute drive) so that was a fairly easy meeting. Scary, as it was the first time either of us had met a fellow 'blogger' before! But it was fun and led us both onto the notion of meeting more people.

My next 'blogger' meeting was with The Fantastic Mr and Ms Mac all the way over in Switzerland

Best friends

If you ever get to meet someone as special as these two people, your life will be full! All we did the entire time we were in the land of the Alps was laugh and laugh and laugh. Oh, we also searched for the Alps too as they had decided that for the entire time we were in the land of the Swiss they would disappear. They did! But oh, we laughed.

Then, you may also remember that last year I was back and forth to the UK countless times. Well, when you are in the UK, you should take advantage of that and meet up with the English Bloggers. Who else would I meet but the Amazing Jonathan formerly of Whatevasista fame.

Me and Jon

I met Jonathan at a local seaside resort, with the promise made by him that we would go paddling. He broke his promise. I never did get to paddle in the sea. *sad music plays*. But he is a lovely bloke so who cares if he is a paddle-promise breaker?

So now, it is 2006. My year of travelling and meeting fellow bloggers.

I already have my next trip scheduled. Yep. March 11th weekend we will be in Chicago meeting the Marvellous Michael of Are You Sure You Want to Know? fame.


It is also my Wedding Anniversary weekend too so I'm looking forward to it especially. Michael is already planning what to do, where to go, etc., with promises of cheap wine being drunk and a video being made - hopefully not of me being drunk! The Macs have already taken lots of blotchy pics of me!!!

So there you have it. My first trip of the year!!! Where can I go next? I know I'm going to Vegas in September so if anyone lives out that way and wants to meet up with me, give me a holla! Michigan is planned for some time in late April I believe and Punta Cana in July!

I can't wait. It's going to be a great year!


New Zealand has been added as a possible August visit with Frally. As many of you know my son was sent to exile (kidding........) actually, he kinda was - but really, he is there and George and I were talking about one of us going to visit him. Unfortunately G can't get the time off work, whereas me, Lady of Leisure, can. So sometime around the end of July start of August I am NZ bound. Frally lives there so I may very well get to see her! She promised me a Maori roast! This is awesome.

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