Friday, February 03, 2006

Is my marriage worth it?

I was 'surfing the net' as you do, and came across this article on some website or other.

Basically, this couple decided, for some unknown reason to try and live without TV for a year!

Yes, you read that correctly.



Apparently, the husband (who shall be known as Idiot 1) cajoled his wife (Idiot 2) into doing this by 'assuring' her "promises of more quality time as a married couple".

Now, I know some of you may be saying "Aaaaaaaw, how sweet! He must love her" or "Sounds like a good idea" or "THAT shows commitment", and yes you would be right in some respect. Any man who wishes to spend more time with his wife, and tells her so is a lovely man. I'm married to one such guy.

However. (and you knew it was coming.......)

This article then proceeds to tell you that on at least two occasions (and the year isn't even up yet) I1 decided that, you know what?, maybe I2 wasn't that important ALL the time.
  • He watched Sunday Night Football at his friends house!!
  • He watched the Boston White Sox* or Chicago Bears* or some other team win the World Series on HIS TV in HIS living room!!
So what's the point? Shouldn't it be all or nothing?

Now. I'm all for spending time with your spouse and talking. Some of the best times George and I have had are when the TV is off, and we just sit and chill and talk. We go for walks and talk. We love spending time together. But to live without TV for a year is just insane.

TV for me isn't just for entertainment. (although the way I talk about Survivor, The Amazing Race, Canceled shows etc., you would think otherwise) It's also a learning tool. The History Channel, A&E, Court TV to name a few channels wherein you walk away having learned something. Not to mention the news networks.

I can't count the number of times I've walked into the room and found Daniel watching documentaries, or both kids watching old films. This past Wednesday, they were watching Tora! Tora! Tora! and were so engrossed in it they asked me to record it!

Plus, on cold nights when it is dark and the kids can't go out we will watch a show and talk about it, interract, get involved. It isn't that bad living with a TV.

However. The title of this post is "Is my marriage worth it?"

Could I live without a TV? Would I, for the sake of my marriage and getting to know my husband?

I don't know. If I could tape all the shows I wanted to and watch them during the day while he isn't here, yes I could. I could easily turn off the TV at night and spend quality time with him.

Would HE want to spend more time with me and no TV? You'd have to ask him! Sometimes I think he wishes I would watch more TV and just shut-up! :)

Could you live without TV for a year?

*I know it's the Chicago White Sox, I just wanted to get your attention!

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