Thursday, February 02, 2006

Things I *heart* today.

My New Food Steamer

My Steamer

Georgia was looking at the broccoli in awe as it was green as the acres! (steaming retains the color) This beauty is just awesome and I shall be cooking up a storm from here on in. If you don't have one, git yourself one!

Sweet Sweet Cheap as it comes Red Wine ($5.99 per bottle)

Sweet Sweet wine

I went to a local winery for my Bachelorette party (Hen night) and after having told all who would hear me that I am not a red wine drinker, never have been, never will be, proceeded to get completely and utterly shitfaced on aforementioned stuff. I am now addicted to the stuff.

Daniel - My son

Dan Balboa

I can't tell you how many times I have turned on my camera to find self portraits of Dan in all sorts of poses (no - not those). He is highly intelligent - but chooses not to show this at school where you would think he should! He is above 78% of students in the US in his grade but looking at his report cards, you wouldn't know it! He makes me laugh though........

Messing about with Georgia!

Georgia Me and Georgia!

I have so much fun with my daughter and I have to say it will cut like a knife when she does eventually turn into a teenage bitch. I know it's coming. I know it. But I don't want it to.

My family

Our Family!

Don't we look kinda OK in a not-so-dysfunctional way?

Survivor Panama; Exile Island

Dimples to die for

This man will be entertaining me for the next few weeks and my husband is all for it! Woo Hoo! Jeff Probst I love you!

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