Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Ideal Valentines Gift............

I know that the gift of love from George should be all I want, need and get for Valentines Day. Really it should. And it is!

But should he decide that he could get me so much more, I have decided on the ideal gift.

"What is that?" you ask?

My very own Personal Trainer. Just for a few weeks or so.

Thus far, my fitness regime consists of :
  • iPod
  • Elliptical Trainer
  • Good places to walk/jog/run
  • Fab looking fitness clothes
Thus far, my fitness regime is missing:
  • Motivation

Bugger! I mean really. I have it all, just no motivation. I watch The Biggest Loser all the time and WISH that I could go to such a place and just work out solid for a few weeks and watch the weight fall off but alas, I am not big enough for the Biggest Loser. As much as I *heart* that show, I am not willing to PUT more weight on just to be the star of the show!

I don't quite look like this:

but I need to lose just a bit more weight to make me feel better about myself.

So. I've decided that what I need is someone to literally be knocking on my door at whatever time and MAKE me go for a walk, MAKE me work out, and do this twice a day for a few weeks. Maybe even drag me to some kind of Jazzercise place where I can dance away and just enjoy myself while I'm working out.

That's not asking too much don't you agree? Coz that's really all I need. Motivation, even if it means someone is screaming down my lug'oles "You can do it!"

I'll put up with the abuse if it means I'm going to lose some weight!!!!!

So, if there are any personal trainers out there who need a willing customer, drop me a line! Coz Valentines Day is looming and I have to start soon!

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