Friday, January 27, 2006

Why Do People Insist On Annoying Me?.... and other rants....

I hate to be a complainer (Whaaaaat?) I really do, but sometimes my cup of "leniency and just letting things slide" just overflows until there is no more room for forgiveness and I have to explode.......

I mean, take the following recent situations I have experienced lately for example!

  • Why do you have to put your airline seat in the upright position upon take-off and landing? Does that extra 2 inches of nothing make a whole bunch of difference?
  • But on the other hand, when you are told to do something (like the aforementioned) then why do people just bloody ignore it? I'm sure there is a perfectly good reason for them asking this, so just DO IT!
  • Why do carpet salesmen not have a bloody clue about what they are doing? Even I know that if you have a room that is 24' X 24' and your carpet rolls are 12' wide (and let's say that you have a patterned carpet too) then it stands to reason that you need a few extra inches to play with to get the pattern to match! I'm a police dispatcher and I wouldn't expect a salesman to understand how to do my job, and I wouldn't even pretend to be able to flog a rug or two, but even I know the carpet rule and I'm crap at Math too! (You weren't the only ones surprised at my math wiz.......) This situation only infuriates me more when I am told that I have now have to wait an extra week for a different carpet (a more expensive one at the same price though - I got that out of it!)
  • Why, when you have been paying a gas bill to the wrong account number for over 7 months to a now defunct account number, do the gas company not write and tell you. But they will send you a shut off notice for your current number! THEN, when you call and explain that you have indeed been paying and that you want the money transferring over, why does it seem to take a team of 11 idiots, 92 minutes of hold muzak, repeated personal info being given and then a hang up to finally make me explode and take it out on the very next person that calls me? (sorry about that Leonie)
OK. Enough ranting and raving.

Now for something good.

My cousin Claire, who you have all heard about, is doing one of those Race For Life Cancer thingies........ and she is running on behalf of my Mum's memory. Check out this link and if you feel like donating (any amount is a good amount), then please do.

It's for a good cause, it's for a good memory and overall, it's a good thing! My good friends Michael, Jonathan, Michelle and Chris have already donated.

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