Thursday, December 22, 2005

OMG! An update!!!

No folks, I haven't been in a deep depression, slump, coma or such like for the past week.

I WAS kind of sad when Nick left, and have had my moments getting upset - not because we sent him away but because I miss him.

But I have had to get on with my life and sort out such things like Christmas - I mean, did you know? - it's in three days!!!!!!

When the hell did that sneak up on me?

Plus, my friend Gerry (the kind person who made sure Nick got there, had a stable home to live in etc.,) took my camera to capture the start of his new life, and I didn't want to blog without being able to prove to you good folks that I didn't send him to live in squalor..... ya know!?

Nick has called me a bunch of times (which, I can't tell you how happy I am that he is calling me! I mean, really! He's calling ME!!!!!! Because he wants to! Imagine that!)

So, just to prove to y'all that he's fine. Here! His first day of work! Never have I been more proud!

Nick!  At work!!!!!!

He spent his first weekend up North at some place called the Bay of Islands. Lovely pics here........

Auckland The view Rainbow Falls

I won't make this a photo blog, suffice to say that if you want to see pics of New Zealand (my bros and my son), click here for the slideshow (they seem kind of backwards but you get the gist).

I'm happy. So far, we made the right choice.

I can now sleep peacefully - but dream of him.

Worry a little less - but worry still.

Be glad he's happy - but miss him more.

Be thankful.

Not only that we made the decisions we did, but also thankful for the friends I have, who sent e-mails of condolence!!! and reassurance, who left comments of a positive nature, who were just there for me!

and to my brothers! Dave and Tricky (Uncle David and Uncle Richard) for being the men they are for taking him!

Dave, Tricky and Nick!

Dave, Tricky and Nick

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