Sunday, December 25, 2005

Me and the Queen? Not so different!

I was reading the BBC news and about the Christmas traditions of the English and the Queen etc., and it got me to thinking, me and HRH Queen Elizabeth II? We are alot more alike than she would wish! Following, are examples of me and Liz and our Christmas gatherings......

Liz's tree:

"On Christmas Eve, the family gathers in the White Drawing Room around a 20ft Christmas tree - cut from the estate and traditionally decorated by the Queen herself."

My tree:

A Wal-mart idea wherein it's a fake electric tree that comprises of three parts that once stuck together, raise to a preferrable height at the push of a button! The kids decorate it.

Liz's Christmas Eve:

"At 5pm, the family helps themselves to tea, cake, muffins, scones and sandwiches, from sideboards in the Saloon. Everyone drinks Earl Grey - except the Queen, who enjoys her own exclusive blend of Indian tea. But by 6pm they are back around the tree awaiting the Queen's signal to start unwrapping their presents."

My Christmas Eve:

This year spent working, answering life threatening calls, while intermittently wrapping presents I inadvertently forgot to wrap earlier. I mean, how was I to know the kids wanted them wrapped? and tea? Forget that! After all the bloody running around I need beer and lots of it!

Liz's Christmas drinks:

All the adults drink gin and tonic - except the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles, who enjoy dry martinis.

My Christmas drinks:

Beer, Rasberry Vodka, tea to help sober me up then more of any kind of alcohol.

Liz's Christmas morning:

On Christmas Day, the family awakes to stockings, stuffed with small gifts and fruit, at the foot of their beds, and a full English breakfast is served.

My Christmas morning:

Listening to the stampede of the kids at any time after 6:00 am, listening to the whining, the "It needs batteries, I wanted a boys bike, This sucks......" chorus of the Knapp Family Childrens Choir.

Liz's lunchtime:

But at 3pm the laughter comes to an end, as all the Royals settle down in the Saloon, warmed by a log fire, to watch the Queen's Christmas Day speech on the television.

My lunchtime:

Napping on the sofa, hungover and exhausted, thankful it only happens once a year!

and there you have it. Are we really that different? I think not! I also bet she didn't get ace presents like me!

My Christmas Goodies

I got candles, jewellery, coloring books and crayons (I LOVE coloring and it's very therapeutic!), chocolates, clothes, books, CD, beautiful wine glasses, cards, socks and a fab pedicure gift, perfume, etc., from my friends and family!

It's not all about the gifts you know! I have toptastic mates and I'm very happy with the ones I've got!

I hope you guys all had a Merry Christmas!

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