Friday, November 18, 2005

They are back!!!!!

It's been a while but the time has come again, for the Elf Shorts to make their appearance.

As you know, I started this competition back in late December of last year. The idea being that you simply had to make a caption for this belter of a picture:


and if I chose your caption, then you won the shorts to do the same; pose and pick. I chose a winner (Frally) and sent her the shorts to carry on this new tradition and this sparked a phenomenom called W.A.T.E.S (Where are the Elf Shorts?) as the shorts then circled the globe (Canada twice, the UK twice, New Zealand, Switzerland - I think)

The winners thus far have been Frally, Jon, Kim, Karen, Owl, Strude, Puppdaddy, and Matthias., and now:

April over at Pissoff.

Go ahead, leave a caption at Aprils blog - if you can. I think this may be one of the hardest ones yet - Way To Go April!

The deadline is November 21st. If you don't want the shorts, but want to win for someone else, I know Ms Mac has been after them for ages but apparently can't do captions!!


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