Wednesday, November 23, 2005



Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. A holiday celebrated by Americans. I'm English so am kind of celebrating this from a side-angle if you like. I could give you a full history of why Thanksgiving is celebrated but quite frankly, I'm not that interested, if you want to know, Google it. (When Americans show interest in Bonfire Night, then and ONLY then will I look into the history of Thanksgiving! :)

I do know the following however;
  • That it is a time when families get together, and happiness is all around.
  • Turkey is eaten in large quantities.
  • People travel and get stranded at airports/on highways/trains etc.,
  • It snows like a m*@#!% f^$*+r.
Well, so far it has snowed and more is to come! Check out this weather warning;

Drifts of what???????

Click on pic to enlarge and read the blue higlighted bit!

Family aren't coming as the snow has scared them off (understandable as you all know I'm pretty much crap at driving down the street let alone anywhere else in snow)

So all that is left is the turkey to be eaten!

I remember the first thanksgiving I had in this country. We were all sitting at the table and then my husband said we should all say what we are thankful for. I almost choked on the carrots I was eating! How corny is that? Well, apparently it isn't corny coz not only does almost every American do this at Thanksgiving, we now do it all the time. Great.

I was thinking today, "What do I have to be thankful for?". Yes, a lot of shitty things have happened to me this year, don't get me started on all that. But as bad things have happened, so have good things!

  • I travelled. A LOT (England x 2, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Ireland)
  • My mom visited us twice.
  • I started a new job which I LOVE.
  • I made lots of new friends I didn't think I would.
  • I had my extremely large appendix taken out and survived - thankfully.
  • I went skydiving and survived - thankfully!
  • My cousin Claire visited and helped out when needed.

and so on and so on. So maybe the year hasn't been too bad.

But whatever way you look at it, it's the time of year when we think about the past year and how we have lived it and how we will live the next. If mine is half as good next year as this year, I'll be happy with that.

Here's hoping you all have a good holiday and as one of my new friends Michael says, if you are outside the US? Happy Thursday!

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