Thursday, November 17, 2005

Let it snow, let it snow let it.............STOP!!!!!

I hate snow. End of story.

As I was telling my friends earlier, coming from the UK, I didn't really have to worry about getting to places if it snowed. We would get about a half inch of snow per Winter - if that! - so driving was no problem, when my car wasn't being stolen (another story for later).

But then, I moved over to the U.S.

You guys here get A LOT of snow.

By a lot, I mean if it snows three flakes, there is an inch or so on the ground.

This sucks.

I'm uselss at driving in this stuff. I almost knocked over a bunch of school kids waiting for their school bus this morning.

We had a Winter Watch last night on TV but a) watches mean nothing, and b) we never get hit unless it's an actual all out warning.

But then, this morning I wake up to my bedroom being lit up like it's midday, and upon looking out of the windows, was hit with the following scenes:

Its getting bloody worse! Even the squirrels are cold!

Bloody Nora!

Here is Dan going to school in the stuff and his school parking lot!

Dan going to school School parking lot

THEN I look at the weather on the computer, and see this!

Winter Watch Weather Snow clouds over Cleveland

I can tell you now, I tried driving in this at lunchtime and was ALL OVER THE ROAD! I came home and almost crashed into my garage doors in a failed attempt to park in my driveway.

Folks, all I can say is that I will now be housebound until Spring - or until I can get a lift from people to and from work.

Send supplies in form of tea-bags, pieclets and shepherds pie.

See you when the snow melts!


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