Saturday, November 26, 2005

My cup runneth over

*with apologies for the blandness of this post*

Just to further add to your "Andi is MAD' thinking, I thought I would let you know of something that is, I admit, just plain stupid but I can't help doing it and I won't change for anyone.

Not ever.

So don't even try!

Now, as you know, I am a tea drinker.

I drink copious amounts of the stuff (more than the sleep clinic doctors want me to drink!) I average out at about 8-9 BIG cups a day. Some days it may be less, other days it is WAAAAAAY more.

But, here is the thing. I have different cups/mugs for different moods.

Yep. The tea has the same taste every time (as I am apparently the only person in the house who knows how to make a decent cup) yet my body reacts differently as to what cup I'm drinking out of! How odd is that?

So here, for your eyes only, are the cups I drink out of and what my mood is when I drink out of them.

My Hangover Cup:

Another big cup

This mug is bigger than it looks and is the only cup, that when I have a hangover from hell, can sort me right out.

Interesting fact about this cup: This mug was in fact the 'vase' to a bunch of flowers I got from someone once - yes! It is THAT big!

My 'Sitting in a big chair and settling in for the lazy-Sunday-Afternoon' mug.

One of my most FAVORITE cups EVER!!!!

As you can clearly see, I am/was a fan of The Big Breakfast and for the Big Breakfast you need a BIG cup. This is my big cup.

Interesting fact about this cup: Johnny Vaughan once brought this cup to my bedroom, full to the brim with tea and two lumps. Of sugar!!!! (Get your minds out of the gutter!)*

My 'Impress Visitors' cup

My Posh, rarely used Swiss-ish cup

This cup IS rarely used but when I drink from it, it makes me feel relaxed and posh. Don't know why coz quite honestly, I'm common as muck!**

Interesting fact about this cup: The teapot it came with barely fills the cup. How stupid is that? But the cup and teapot look good together so I won't complain. and they were very $$$$.

My 'Matches my plates cup'

My 'Matches my plates' cup

This is the cup I drink out of mostly. It matches my plates, and is the first cup I go to on a morning.

Interesting fact about this cup: Er.... it's green?

My 'Makes me feel like it's Christmas' cup

My Glass cup

I have no idea why it makes me feel all Christmas-sy but this is the only cup I drink out of in December. The ONLY one. Don't make me a drink in any other cup coz you will not, I repeat WILL NOT get any presents from me. ***

Interesting fact about this cup: The tea stays hotter longer in this cup than any other - which, I would have though would not be the case.

My 'When all my other cups are in the dishwasher' cup:

My Zebra-type cup

This cup gets so hot, including the handle, so makes it almost impossible to drink tea from. Pretty much a useless cup.

Interesting fact about this cup: It is the most useless cup ever but I bought about 6 of them (obviously without knowing beforehand)

So there you have it folks.

My cup display.

You may now go on with your day.

* A complete and utter lie but my only Christmas Wish!
** I truly am common as muck, but "Where there's Muck, there's brass"
*** OK, you may get a small present but only a 'stocking filler' kind.

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