Thursday, October 13, 2005

Work and drinking.......

Well, I found out last night that more than one person at work knows about this blog. Boat loads of them do! Bloody marvellous!

Actually, I really don't mind, I'm no different in this blog than I am in person, (I'm sure Stella will testify to that!) but part of me was all "ooooohh". Reading it over the shoulder of someone else reading it was odd, but I sucked it up. Plus, it gave us a good reason to talk about me more as a 'person' than as just a plain old dispatcher! and the advantage I have is that I don't talk about work in this blog!

But, when you talk about me, aside from my accent, my sparkling personality ( I know!) and all the other good things, you talk about drinking! I used to be such a good drinker. In fact, I think I am STILL a good drinker I just don't get the opportunity to go out drinking anywhere than just the local pub.

This got me to thinking about all the good old days, the "Black Fridays", "Bad Mondays", lunchtime drinking, morning drinking, anytime drinking, hangovers, polishing the porcelain with a good friend holding your hair, meeting strangers, keeping cabs waiting while you finish dancing to your favorite song, Lambrini! God, the good old days.

I miss them.

Hopefully, sooner or later, they will all start back up. (Dropping big hints here in case anyone wants to go out!!)

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