Monday, October 17, 2005

You are feeling veeeeery sleepy...........

I bloody wish!

I have this problem (and clear your minds right now! It isn't that kind of problem!)

This is the thing. I can't sleep.

Well, I can sleep, oh, for about ten minutes then I'm wide awake, then I fall back asleep, then I wake up and so on and so on.......

It sucks.

I'm exhausted.

So far, I have basically lived with it, but after falling asleep in my van for an hour* one day a couple of weeks ago, I decided that enough was enough so I went to my doctor. I thought he would just give me some pills to knock me out, but no, they took a shitload of blood - painfully I might add.

My blood results came back with the diagnosis of Epstein Barr Virus which quite frankly, freaked me out when I heard it. After looking it up, I then got confused! I mean, I read that this is only a temporary thing lasting a month or so at the most - I've felt like this for over a year, then, THEN I read that it is caused by kissing! er......... why isn't my husband feeling like this - and again, CLEAR YOUR MINDS RIGHT NOW! So, I am assuming this diagnosis is incorrect.

Aside from the blood they took, they also made an appointment at a sleep clinic for me.

That appointment is tonight.

Have you ever been to a sleep clinic? I haven't. But I imagine that I will be in a bed, and looking something like this:

Sleep Clinic

I have trouble falling asleep as it is, never mind being covered in all these wires! They will have stuff plugged to my head, to the rest of my body and they will be watching me.

How am I going to sleep knowing that my every move is being monitored?

What if I don't sleep like normal people?

What if I do strange things during the night (and I have no idea what I mean by that!!!!).

I wonder if I sleep talk with a crappy American accent? I wonder if I sleep talk at all and what will I say?

The dilemma!

I can't drink tea or coffee before I go, I can't take any kind of sleeping pill before I go so there are no aids to help me sleep. They say that I will have my own room with a bathroom, TV/VCR, etc., but I bet they don't have cable! I will be missing my favorite shows. I wonder if I have any boring videos that I can take with me to guarantee a deep slumber.

If I am this stressed out right now this morning, can you IMAGINE what I will be like tonight?

I will of course keep you informed of what happened and whether or not my sleeping problem is cured!

* I wasn't driving when I fell asleep in the van, I was just exhausted so took a 10 minute 'nap' that lasted an hour!

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