Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Things to do in England..........

As some of you may be aware, I am heading back to the er... sunny?...shores of England again!

My second time this year! Continental Airlines must love me :) October 20th for approx 10 days......

My mum and I are going on a girls trip. Yep, just me and her....... tripping.


I told her I'd take her wherever she wanted to go and surprisingly, she mentioned that going to Dublin is something she has always wanted to do. I say surprising because Dublin is about a 45 minute flight from Leeds and is pretty cheap too! and I can't believe she hasn't been before now! My bloody kids have been never mind me a bunch of times:


So, we are booked on a flight to Dublin. She also wanted to go to Knowsley Safari Park, again, another surprising place. However, I can't even begin to imagine we would see ANY animals there what with the British weather and them being like, African Safari animals, who say, might prefer warmer weather!?

I imagine the tour guide to be all "Here, you would usually see some lions, but they are in their little hut trying to keep warm" and "Here, you would usually see some elephants, but again, warm and hut.........."

But if she wants to visit the safari then a safari she shall see!

We will be seeing a bunch of other places too, Blackpool hopefully. (The West Coasts answer to Vegas!) I totally want to see the lights and stuff, but I'm sure it will be an anti-climax.........Are they even on yet? Probably not! Bugger!

I'll be seeing a bunch of relatives, hopefully some friends too, and while we are talking about meeting friends! You will never guess who my mum and I are scheduled to meet?

Drumroll please!

Only Jon of Whatevasista fame! Yep, we may be meeting for dinner, only "nothing too foreign or exotic!" apprently.

I wonder if Chicken Kievs are considered foreign or exotic?

But either way, maybe our meeting will give him that nudge he needs to start blogging again! What say you all?

I was looking at some concert schedules to see if there was a concert we could see while I was there, and I almost fell off my chair to see that the Backstreet Boys are playing! I somehow doubt my mum will want to go see them...... There are a few other people I would like to see but I miss them by mere days! Keith Urban, Donny Osmond (ooh yeah), etc., Bugger! But thats OK, I'll catch them again when they come around here!

And that is about it. We have a full schedule, Dublin, Liverpool, Meet Jon, have a birthday party of some sort while I'm there, get drunk with friends, see other friends, get drunk, and basically chill out with my mum for a while!

I'm thinking that at some point during the whole road trip, we'll drive each other mad but isn't that half the fun! Well, I guess it will be until we do a Thelma and Louise!


I can't wait to see the pictures from this trip!

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