Monday, October 10, 2005

Oh to be young again........

Recently, my kids and I have been watching a lot of old films together.

Luckily, we have Netflix, a fair few movie channels on Cable plus HBO, so we have an abundance of these old films to watch. I regularly go through the guide to see whats on and then set them to tape.

Last week, "Yanks" was on, and so we sat down and watched it. This is one of my favorite films primarily because of the ever so hot:

Richard Gere


(Plus the added fact it is filmed somewhere Yorkshire-ish as the little lad in the film constantly says "Mother".......) But boy did I feel old when I saw when the film was made! Bloody 1979! I was 10 years old! Amazing!

My daughter was all over Richard Gere, being all "Oh, he is hoooooooooooot!" etc., I showed her a picture of what he looks like now (still hot if you ask me) and she was all "Euurgh!" Mad!

We also watched "The Great Escape" and she thought that was a great movie, but wasn't too happy that most of them died (oops, if you haven't seen the film, forget I said anything!). But get this! I thought she would be all over Steve McQueen:


but no, she thought James Garner was the hottie (which, now that I think about it, back in his younger days, he WAS kinda cute!)


However, remember, Georgia comes from nowadays, and she couldn't believe that that hottie up there, was in fact this guy:


From The Notebook. (another great film BTW!)

As a side note though, this is Georgia that thinks the Brady Bunch is up to date and WILL NOT believe that they are 'old'......

But aside from all that, I am trying to give them some culture (which, coming from the most un-cultured person EVER, is a hard task!).

However, the movies we have watched together lately are:
and upcoming movies include:
Some pretty decent stuff in there don't you think?

Now, as long as the kids don't want to watch Top Gun, we are safe! I remember watching that film about 10 times, idolising Tommy Boy, and thinking how courageous, brave and daring he was.

Now I watch that film, I cringe and think of how adolescent, reckless and idiotic he was! Oh, how the times change! Am I the only person who has changed their views on films as they have grown up?

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