Monday, October 03, 2005

There is a new Hottie in town, and his name is.......

Marlon Brando (but only in his younger days!)

Hot hot hot Brando

I watched A Streetcar Named Desire for the first time the other day and I fell in love like a love struck teenager. He is so deliciously hot it is ridiculous. The word smoldering was invented just for him. I know he beat up his pregnant wife (and I felt sympathy for HIM if you can believe it!) but still, hot hot hot hot hot......... I mean really, do I need to say the words 'knickers' and 'wet'?

Even the fellas liked him!


I bought Guys and Dolls today and watched that and yes, he is still a hottie.

Once he started aging, he went down the drain though, but in this pic, he still had it. He was on the edge of the almost 'not being fanciable but I'd do him still' phase...


but I won't post any pictures of him from there onwards because, well, those knickers I talked about earlier? They would shrivel.

Anyway, just in case you were wondering what I did today.

I lusted.

and loved it.

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