Saturday, October 01, 2005

Answers on a postcard please..........

What do you get if you cross this:

My van! and even more dents!

with this?:

Er........ George's now dented car.Yep, thats a dent if you look closely.

*Click on pictures to enlarge to see up close the mess I made!
  1. Divorce Proceedings commencing Monday 8:00 am
  2. Hit with a bill and an order to work enough overtime to cover fixing the mess?
  3. A lovely man who says "Don't worry about it, we'll just get it fixed, more to the point, how are you feeling after this?"

Yep. I was leaving for work this morning, early, it was dark. Very dark (yes, I'm that lame I'm using that crappy excuse!!!).

I reversed out of the driveway and heard a strange noise. Mind you, my van is full of empty soda bottles etc., and usually whenever I move the van, I hear noises like all the crap moving around so I thought that was what was making the noise.

When, after a few seconds I realised that maybe it sounded more like a "van vs car" noise I about shit my pants.

I had completely forgotten about G's new car being there, and just reversed right upside it, putting a dent in it that you KNOW will make a noise every time he opens his car door (that is if he CAN open it!). My train of thought at that moment, in order was:

"I need to go back in and change my knickers"
"Do I do a runner to Canada, changing my identity, hence-forth to be called Regina Phalanges?"
"I should probably go tell G THEN do a runner to Canada"

and thats what I did. He heard me do it so was not surprised and told me to "Just go to work".

Luckily, I work at a police station and am surrounded by officers with guns should G later want to have a minor Domestic!!!!!!!!

He didn't! He called me up later and told me not to worry (answering the above question so please, no postcards - the prize would have been shit anyway).

So now I'm happy. The car and van look like shit but he didn't go mad so I'm happy.

Now, on with my day..................

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