Monday, September 12, 2005

Why I love my pain medication and other things.

I am a wimp. I truly am. I make fun of my husband who, if you happen to nudge him while walking past him, cries like you have just severed his arm or something. Like I am some superstrength woman!

But I get miserable and cry when I am cold, get a headache, backache etc.,

I do. I cry!

So, after having this appendix operation, you know the one, the Worlds Largest Appendix EVER, that one! you can imagine the pain I am in. I have a scar which you can see here (you have been warned,) so scar = pain!

My lovely Dr did give me some rather excellent pain pills though which have helped me through so far, but I am down to my last two! A phone call has been made to get a refill to last me at least another week by which time I should hopefully not need them. The pills I am on are called Endocet 7.5 - 500m. Excellent tablets. As always, I checked out the pills on the internet and found out that they are mixture of Acetaminophen and Oxycodone.

I am fortunately not suffering from any of the side-effects listed but am surprisingly having some rather vivid dreams.

Dreams of a pornographic nature.

Pornographic blogging nature.

Basically, I am dreaming about all you guys doing porn. I'm sorry. But if you could see the stuff I'm seeing, I'm thinking YOU would be apologising to ME! :)

So as you can guess, I'm sleeping alot! :) But really. I am. I slept all day yesterday, all night and woke up this morning at 8 to take 1 pain pill and slept until 10! Whats that all about? Claire has gone now so there is no-one home to look after me during the day so I shouldn't be sleeping this much.

But anyway, I'm on pain pills and sleeping alot. My life pretty much blows right now.

However, I am going to Vegas still. Gotta get packing for that! I promise you that this week, my blog will get back to it's regular hilarity and blog-worthiness, but bear with me OK?

Hey, that picture of my scar alone should get you through the week!

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