Friday, September 16, 2005

While recuperating, I have mostly been...........

  • Not getting any sleep AT ALL which was rectified the other night by me taking two of the crappy sleeping pills my doctor gave me. Yes. TWO. I was out like a light and slept in till 11:30 am! It was sleep I needed and I woke up to a new woman. Not WITH a new woman (though G would love that) but as a new woman. Refreshed, re-energized and regretting not getting enough of the pills for this to be a long lasting thing!
  • Awaiting the arrival of the new season of TV shows which started this week with Survivor:Guatemala. It wasn't too bad. My favorite person EVER in the show (aside from the very hot Jeff Probst) is back, Stephanie! Loving it!
  • Watching Dallas! Yes, the TV show from the 80's I believe?

    It is being shown on the SOAP channel. I was like "OMG!" when I saw it and immediately set my DVR to tape every episode from now on. I'm kinda hoping that there is a DVD Box set of all the episodes (my new Christmas/Birthday presents from now on) as I'd love to catch up. I loved J.R. Ewing! and yes, I probably DID own a "Who Shot JR?" t-shirt. It was fun to see Cliff Barnes - the old rascal, and soft-arsed Bobby Ewing and little old Lucy Ewing. The bit where I'm at right now is where they brought in the new Miss Ellie coz the old one had some health issues I think. I know the new Miss Ellie was not liked. Oh well, I'm having far too much fun watching so I don't care!
  • Realizing that I messed up the dates of my Vegas trip! Yep, I had told someone that I was getting to Vegas on the 23rd for a week and we were going to meet up! However, the 23rd was the date that I went to see the The Macs. I am in fact going to Vegas this Sunday and will be leaving on the 22nd! I am hoping though that Michael gets there on the 22nd or earlier and we can at least meet up for a few drinks before I leave! That would suck otherwise! But yes, I am a date messer upper-er.
  • Looking forward to getting my staples removed! Today! Yeah! My scar is getting to the 'itchy' point right now and is driving me mad, so it has to be sorted today. 11:45 to be precise.
  • Packing for my Vegas trip as mentioned above. I have never been to Vegas before so if anyone wants to give me some pointers as to what to wear I'd appreciate it.
  • Enjoying my kids being back at school. And! Not only enjoying them being back at school, enjoying the results I'm seeing. Dan has already been pushed up a math class to the 'brainy' class (Did not get the brains from me - one day I will post about how thick as two short planks I am), Nick has a progress report that has so many B's on it, I feel like itching! and Georgia is just doing great! Mind you, this IS the first couple of weeks of school, they have plenty of time to mess that up!
  • Watching Martha Stewarts new morning show. 'Nuff said.
  • Looking forward to my very first pedicure later today. My kids said they would chuck in some dollars to pay for this as they are disgusted at my feet, especially my heels. I would take a before and after picture, but after the last time I posted a picture of my feet, and the backlash I received, I won't be doing that! But I'm looking forward to it. I will be calling it my 'Post-Staple Extraction' gift to myself.
  • Still loving Rasberry Vodka with Sprite mixer. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.
  • Waiting for the day to come when I can actually get out and about and drive! Being couped in the house all day every day is not fun. I want to smell fresh air, and get some exercise and stuff. Well, as I mentioned, I'm driving to the Drs office to get my staples out then I have to go get my pedicure then possibly go shopping for an outifit for my Vegas trip etc., So I need to go get a shower right now!
  • Watching TV and DVDs. I have mostly been watching Dallas and old Amazing Race re-runs but I've also seen The Pacifier - with Vin Diesel, Nil By Mouth with Ray Winstone (recommended by Ms Mac) and The Upside of Anger which was a great film! I am NOT a Kevin Costner fan at all, but this film was awesome!. So, yes, I've watched a boatload of tv and film.
And that is it. I shall be blogging again either later today with an update of my staple extraction/pedicure!

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