Saturday, September 10, 2005

Here goes.................

Well, for a few days (possibly blending into a couple of weeks), I have had a stomach ache. Nothing too specific area-wise, but just general achiness, and nothing that I couldn't live with. I half thought that it was just gas (as I'm sure the Macs did too!)

And as you know, I've been busy for the past few weeks too, visiting the Macs, skydiving etc., and having my fantastic cousin Claire over for 3 weeks.

Well, Saturday was the skydiving jump and everything went well. Then I had to go to work, both Saturday and Sunday, and Sunday was the day I started to feel a bit 'iffy'. Of course everyone was making fun of me at work, calling me a baby etc., and I honestly thought I had maybe just pulled a muscle or something so didn't dwell on the matter. Monday was the same and we made the most of Claire being here, drinking vodka, dancing etc.,


Tuesday, the shit hit the fan. I was in agony. I made an appointment at the Docs but then thought I had better take myself to the ER as they would send me there anyway.

Me in the ER

I had a CAT scan but then the surgeon, Dr Boris Vinogradsky M.D. (lovely man):


came around and felt my stomach and basically was all "I don't even need to see the results, you have appendicitis and they have to come out!" I was given some very strong pain meds and was in la-la land!

On my pain meds!

Don't I look high as a kite!?

One thing Lake West Hospital system needs are nurses who know how to locate a vein! This bruise will be here till a month on Thursday!

Unsuccessful IV attempts!

Within half an hour, I was in the surgery unit, being prepped. When I came out of surgery, the Doc was all "You had the worlds biggest appendix!" and I was all "mumble...slur.....mumble....." not making any sense!

Apparently, an average appendix is the size of a pinky finger. Mine was a whopping 17 cm by 7 cm. The surgeon checked it out and while there are some longer ones out there, there aren't any as wide so I think mine really is a Record Breaker! Guinness World Record. It's all about the girth! Investigations are still ongoing and of course I will keep you updated! The surgeon said mine had obviously been building for some time and I was very lucky that it didn't burst as with the size of it, I could have been a goner! :(

I am trying to get a picture of mine but apparently the pathology dept still has them so until I do get a picture of it, here is a picture of one so you get the jist of what one looks like.


So I am still recuperating. Claire extended her trip here for a few more days and I don't know what I would do without her. She is cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids, making me cups of tea, shopping etc., Doing it all. She is a star!

Here are some flowers I received from people:

More flowers from work



Cards from work

Kim, brought my family some lasagne, apple pie, wine and bread:

Kims donations

which were so very appreciated and was very thoughtful of her!

I have had lots of nice comments, thoughts and get well wishes from you all and thank you for it all. I am still in a lot of pain (I have a scar about 4 inches long with 3 staples in that are due to be taken out next week), and can't pee for trying - yep, you all needed to know that! but hopefully, meds will help me out there! So far so good.

I will catch up with you all again soon.

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