Friday, August 05, 2005

Quirky, but Cute...........

I have this friend - well, he's a friend of G's but any friend of G's is a friend of mine, unless you are called "................(insert name here)... "

But anyway. This friend, let us call him Bob - HOT Bob even, has this odd thing about him that quite frankly had me laughing my arse off yesterday at lunchtime.

He won't eat soup. This stuff!

Now, I'm thinking that he probaby has a good reason for not eating soup, say for example, if he was younger and choked on some soup? or if he once found something disgusting in his soup, or something. Anything. You know, some perfectly common sense reason why he won't eat soup

But no. You want to know why he won't eat soup?

Because it's homeless food. I almost choked on my General Taos Chicken.

Homeless food!

So as I'm laughing my arse off, tears pouring down my face, we carry on the conversation.

"If you ever see me eating soup, worry"
"Guys, did you see Bob? He's eating soup!"

etc., and so on.

But then he asked me if I had any. Quirks that is. And it got me thinking. Do I?

Nothing quite like his soup thing though, but I think it's along the same lines.

I have lots of towels. LOTS of them. Growing up, we weren't rich and it seemed that we never had many towels.

Odd I know.

So I guess, to me, if I have lots of towels, it means I'm financially secure. I could be overdrawn in the bank but so long as I have big fluffy towels then I'm fine.

Like the soup, If you see me towel- less, worry!

and I think that is it. I hope it is anyway. Do you have any quirks?

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