Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Er.......... let me think.........?

My family are back! I know I enjoyed the tranquility, and the tidiness but I missed them so much and yep, the house is back to it's usual shit tip way, but who cares? My family are back!

I'm so glad I didn't go to England. I know that makes me out to be a sucky assed whining beyotch, but in my defense;

Here is how I see things.

I compare. I'm a comparer.

I probably shouldn't. But I do.

My old house?

Old house

or my new House?

Front of new houseBack of new house

Seacroft Library .....

Seacroft Library

or Mentor on the Lake Library?


This place to hang out at? (Grafitti and all)

Some kind of crappy playground?

Bored kids with nothing to do but smoke and shag

Or beaches and friends houses like this?


This corner shop or .....

Corner shop - Ali's

or the local corner store?

Local store and bar

Go on. Give me a load of grief about comparing. But I tell you this. Live my old life, THEN live my new life and tell me you would not do the same. Go on! Tell me!

But on a lighter note.

Here is George thinking "Oh, I wonder, if me and Andi had a baby together would it look like th........."

George and a baby!

Then he remembers that I would kill him and that he has more likelihood of Jesus being a pimp and puts the baby down carefully and walks away! Fast

As fast as Fast can be!


Dead fast with knees knocking!!

In this next picture, you will see two people who saved my life! Julie and Ashley. They work at the daycare Center that my kids went to. I would not be the person I am if it were not for the nursery/5-9's as they call it. Seriously! This nursery literally saved my life and I am eternally grateful for ALL the staff members there. When we left England, the staff there presented us with a folder full of photos and memories they had taken of the kids throughout their time there (from 6 months to leaving) My kids stopped by while they were there and they were recognised immediately (another reason why I love Kentmere Family Nursery. I love them for that.)

The kids and 'Nursery' staff

Here, you will see the kids and their relatives!

Here, are Nick and Dan with their Grandad, Peter.

Nick, Dan and Grandad

Here is Nick laughing (and he did this consistently) at his Grandad about being smaller than he!

Nick making fun of his Grandad for being 'small'

Here is Dan with his Uncles, Andi and Chris!

Dan and his uncles Andy and Chris

Here are their Cousins Brandon and Aaron (whom they have never met before - and two cuties I might add!)

Aaron and Brandon

Here, while they were at my mums house, you can see the photo montage that my mum has of the kids! She has them shown as they are growing up, and I love it and every year it grows! (I am so glad she didn't do this with me! - unless she did and she is secretly going to e-mail Stella, Kim or Jon with the images! )

My Life

Here is Nick on his headset, and blue eyed Dan at the airport;

Blue Eyed Dan

and thats about it! I have boatloads of pics but you can check them out on Flickr if you want to see them!

Here *take a deep breath* are the kids and S.

The kids and Shaun.

(If you knew how hard it was for me to post this picture!!!! - but, if he is going to stay in touch with the kids then I guess it won't be that bad!)

Here, is one reason, one of the many reasons (and I do have many) why I will be getting free flights from Continental at some point)

Continental's best?

Ripped seats? I paid almost $3,000 for my children to be seated and they offer ripped seating?

As John Grudin;

My hurney burney

THE hottest guy in Football once said "You have got to be Shitting me!!!!!?"

Yep. I paid $3,000 (3 of over 100 seats - so we KNOW they can afford to fix seats) and they are going to give my family ripped seats amongst other things?? I don't think so!)

Anyway! Thats about it. I have tons of e-mails, IM's to answer but I have been doing a class for the past three days and haven't been replying to anyone. (sorry folks) but I will try and catch up tomorrow.

I swear folks, I will be back to normal soon!

Hopefully you enjoyed the update. ( I know a certain someone will have enjoyed the pictures :)!)

So there you go.


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