Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Motley Who?

As I mentioned previously, I had the chance to go to a Motley Crue concert, and being an open minded person, I agreed!


It is soon.

Soon enough for me to panic about a few things.

In order, my panicking begins at:

Panic #1 - Motley Who?

Yep. I haven't heard a song they have sung. EVER. All I know of Motley Crue is the fact that one of my officers loves them, had a spare ticket and wanted me to go with him. He gave me a CD of the 'Best of' songs for me to learn in time. Oh, I had also heard a few things about their drummer Tommy Lee?

Tommy Lee apparently was married to Pamela Anderson and made some kind of home made porn?

TommyThe vid

If he looked like that I'd make porn with him..........

*wonders if she said that out loud?*

I also think they have a singer called Vince Neil? Now, I Google Imaged him and came up with both these pictures:

Here, looking like a complete hottie....

Vince Neil

Here looking like a NOTtie.......

Vince Neil

I mean, come ON!!!! He looks like some guy you'd see in a bar (with your beer goggles on!)

Panic #2: - What to wear?

I mean, to go see Tim McGraw I'm safe. Motley Crue? Not so sure. Again, I Google Imaged Motley Crue Concert to see if that would give me an idea. Here, is what it gave me.

Choice number 1, some Duran Duran-ny type top that I wouldn't be seen dead in!


Choice number 2, some skanky-assed-I'm-too-fat-for outfit, which again, is a NO-NO!


Looking at the crowd, I think I'm too big to sit on someones shoulders, but I'm getting the idea of wearing jeans, boots and a tank top. Are you with me on this?


Anyone have a spare pair of jeans, boots and tank top?

Actually, this looks OK. Now, will I get it in time?


Panic number 3: - Lyrics?

I now have to Lyrics.com and try to memorize every MC song ever sung or I'm going to look like a tool.

I'm beginning to think that being an "I-listen-to-every-kind-of-music" girl isn't as easy as it seems!

Well, that is enough panicking for the time being don't you think? I'll let you know how it turns out.

George told me though that seeing as I'm going to be front row-ish, if I look hot enough and Tommy decides he wants to do me, I just have to call and let him know and he'll be fine with it.

Don't you just love my husband?

Coming soon!:

"Andrea Knapp and Tommy Lee - Live Sex *with the lights out* Video"

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