Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Claire is pissed!!!

While we were away in Switzerland for the week, Claire had the BEST weather ever. She sunbathed every day. (When she wasn't out drinking - a story at the end of this post for sure) She is a very pale person usually, and to be greeted by a person of almost some degree of 'ethinicity' once we arrived back was kind of strange. She was gloating almost, when we called and told of the bad Swiss weather. Gloating!

Then we returned.

We apparently brought the bad weather back with us. Briefly, since I arrived in the US almost 7 years ago, we have encountered practically every kind of weather system you can imagine! Tornados in Detroit and Xenia, Hurricanes in Florida etc., You name it, we have had it! Climate-y Jane I am now being called in some circles!

Anyway, I digress. Look at this!

Bad weather

Yep. I brought a bit of Switzerland back with me. We are about to get the remnants of Hurricane Katrina. Basically, rain and more rain with a bit of flooding shoved in for good luck! (I'm not bitching so I don't want no La. people calling me out)

The BBC had this statement on their website:

"Forecasters have warned of heavy rain as the storm heads north towards Tennessee and Ohio. Tornado warnings are in force in some areas."

Claire, being the bright spark that she is, called her parents to tell them she was in the basement hiding from a tornado! Coming from the UK where the news is complete and utter shit and inaccurate, they fell for this hook line and ..er.... sinker (sorry about that!). Joking about this basically means the God of the Heavens will rain on my house and my house only until Christmas! Cheers Claire!

Talking of Claire! You know she was looking after my kids for me? Well, I called her on Sunday once we arrived in Switzerland and asked if she was OK. She was hungover. She had gone out the night before. She asked the kids what time she came in! A woman after my own heart!

I *heart* Claire. I hope it rains on her for the rest of her holiday! :) Joking!

But yes, it is wet, and warm and I'm talking about the weather. I have tons of blogs to catch up on so if the rain keeps up, I'll be visiting you all soon!

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