Thursday, September 01, 2005

Today, I will mostly be............

Mourning the loss of this guy:

Mr Bronson

No, not Hitler! The actor playing him. Michael Sheard, who is most famous for his role as Mr Bronson died. My mum never let me watch Grange Hill as she thought I would talk like the kids on the show, all "fink" and "fought" instead of 'think' and 'thought'. Mothers, who'd have 'em?

I will also be wondering why people, who had almost a week to evacuate, didn't.

I will also be shaking with nerves even more as my tandem jump is on Saturday! Deposit paid, arrival time at the Parachute center is 8:00 am. Pray for me!

I will also continue being thankful that my kids are back at school but not thankful at the school who yesterday (way too late) gave me a supply list a mile long for each child that runs expensive and with half the items no longer available as all the other sensible schools gave the lists out way before now. Thank you schools. You are shit. This was me yesterday!


I will also be visiting a friend I haven't seen for a while this morning then coming home and relaxing as I will also be working third shift tonight, my first day back at work after a long week off. Marvellous.

Anyway, what will you be mostly doing today?

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