Monday, August 29, 2005

We are back, from the Macs!

We are back from our trip to Switzerland from seeing the Macs.

It was fantastic.

There is always doubt in your mind when meeting new people, people who you may have only talked to on the phone, or IM'd, or via e-mail. You think, "Yeah, we probably will get on but........" Well, all my doubts disappeared when we got to Zurich airport. As we walked to the exit after getting our cases, there was Ms Mac, face scrunched up at the window, waving frantically and smiling like a Cheshire cat with Craig in the back smiling too! All my doubts were erased!

Within two minutes we were all relaxed with each other, laughing and joking in a way that would continue throughout the week. I don't want this blog to be a huge epic, nor a ten parter coz, frankly, I'd get lost never mind you lot! So, I shall post a few pictures, links and details about our trip.

Things I learned about Switerland:
  • Its expensive. God is it expensive, yet just down the road in Austria and Germany, prices drop like my knickers when I see Boris Becker!
  • If the Swiss put half as much effort into their personalities as they did their buildings they would be much nicer people.
  • They Photoshop their postcards! I assume for people who visit on cloudy weeks, like us.
  • They have traffic jams a-plenty. (But with hot guys also stuck in traffic - Jon, zoom in! I took this just for you!)
  • They let people take dogs into stores and restaurants. *stunned, shakes head*
  • The school schedule is THE MOST SHOCKING EVER! with kids going late most days, Wednesday afternoons off, and no "Zero Tolerance" program in place.
  • They have double decker trains which are cool!
Things I learned about the Macs:
  • No matter how many times I ask "Can we go on the chair lift now? Can we? Can we?" they don't mind in the slightest.
  • Stella, the Queen of Glam, Vacuums in her high heels.
  • They talk in double entendres.
  • They have a nuclear bomb shelter under their apartment, which quite frankly, is pretty much useless as, far from being stored with food and medical supplies in the event of such a catastrophic emergency (we all know Switzerland is next!), it is in fact full of boxes, furniture, bikes and the like.
Bomb Shelter
  • Stella truly does attract odd people. She was accosted at least once while I was there.
  • Stella claims to be the queen of a certain something. She is no longer the queen. She was dethroned.
  • Stella can do this with her eyes. People you have been warned. DO NOT CLICK if you are easily disturbed.
  • She can also do the splits - but has to wear socks to make it easier.
  • Craig likes to do this.
  • They get me drunk and do mean things to me, like this.
Things the Macs have learned about the McKnapps:
  • We talk in double entendres too.
  • I sometimes, not very often, have some kind of allergic reaction to alcohol, which, as it doesn't hurt me, doesn't stop me.
  • If I am drunk in afore-mentioned situation, they can take advantage of me, as is shown here.
  • If you promise us that you will do something, and that you are the so-called 'Queen' of this something, we see this as a challenge and shall defeat you like the army we are.
  • George doesn't like chair lifts.
  • I do.
  • I can do a mean Fast Show impression..
  • I cheat at games if I'm drunk. It's neither clever or funny. But I do it!
  • We have no shame as evidenced in my burp of such gigantic proportions in downtown Zurich that this IS technically what could have caused the devastation, floods, plague like catastrophe recently seen in Europe - but funnily, the Macs seemed to appreciate this!
  • They STILL think I have dodgy toes, which, I constantly tried to make pretty with red nail polish!
    Cheating at games
We all learned so much about each other, and I have to tell you, that this may have been one of the best vacations I have ever taken. The Macs were gracious in letting us live with them for a week, they took time out of their schedules for us, cooked, cleaned and chauffeured us around, and did not complain once. (Until we left I'm guessing).

They are friendly, thoughtful and if you ever have a chance to meet them, you will agree wholeheartedly.

Best friends!

Stella and Craig! We salute you. Thank you for everything.

Best friends

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