Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Like I was never young!!!!! Ms Mac? Are you sure we don't share kids?

My eldest son (16) came home late yesterday after staying out overnight at a friends house. I am assuming there was some kind of party there. Hence the reason.

His neck is covered.

In lovebites.

In hickeys.

Whatever you want to call them, he has a boatload of them. Now, the experienced amongst us know that you get them usually whilst in the process of....aherm...... doing other things. I had to push that thought right out of my mind.

Now, he has had these before and I told him then, that better be the last time. But he's 16. When have you ever known a 16 year old to listen to anyone let alone his mum?

So I say "What are those?" and immediately, there spews forth a barrage of excuses. "It's not what you think!, really" So I settled in for a good laugh while he explained.

You see people, did you know that if you are asleep and a 'friend' puts salt on your neck (I kid you not) then rubs an ice-cube on it, the end result is a hickey-like mark on your neck. And of course you don't wake up while all this is happening. Perhaps coz you are drunk? No? Oh, because you are a deep sleeper and just don't wake up when being assaulted by an ice-cube.

It surely wasn't done by something as innocent as this:


Like I said in the title, "I was never young!!!!"

I told him that even HE wasn't that deep a sleeper so he had either better tell me the truth or I will believe he was drinking hence him being such a 'deep sleeper'. He just gave me that 'Kevin the teenager' look.

Kevin or Nick???

Yes, Stella, I have one too!

They just look horrible.

Oh, and talking of my 16 year old, if I have to hear how the majority of time while in Summer School they watch videos I think I'll puke. He failed US History so you know what they were watching the other day? The Outsiders, as I guess what a teacher can't teach you about US History, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez and Ralph Macchio can. It was the same in his High School. The last two weeks before school finished for the Summer? They didn't do ANYTHING! Not one thing. oh, besides play games, watch movies etc., For me, when I was at school, it was only the last day that we did something like that, and usually the highlight was that you didn't have to wear your uniform (you had to pay for this priviledge - 50p) and they wonder why so many kids are failing. When I dropped Nick off at Summer School, it was almost like a normal day there were so many kids there!

*grumbles like an old woman*

In other news, I heard on the news the other day that the 'people in this world that have nothing better to do with themselves', otherwise known as the PC people, have decided that when you are in a meeting, you can no longer call it a 'brainstorming' session. No, as that may be offensive to people with epilepsy. No, it now has to be called a 'thought shower'. Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, which bright spark thought of that? I mean with all the stuff going on in this world that people could be doing, they are sitting in 'thought shower' meetings and thinking of other useless crap to irritate the shit out of sane people. God it makes me so mad!

and so far that is about all I have.

Aside from a fabulous new saying I heard the other day.

"I don't regret doing this, but I rue and lament it"

I'm going on my eliptical trainer, do some serious walking then hopefully I will have something happy to talk about, and quite possibly a picture of that tree we are all desperate to see.

Fingers crossed.

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