Sunday, July 03, 2005

I don't know what I did to deserve such honors.......

Well what can I say? There was little old me, who aside from winning a two pound gift voucher (handed to me by the late Twice Nightly Richard Whiteley R.I.P) for drawing a brilliant, Archibald Prize-worthy picture commemorating the Queens Silver Jubilee back in '77, had not won anything since, I win two fabulous contests in less than a week!

My first 'win' was this:

You love me, you truly love me!!!!

Over where Drew is Ace, I won the Ace Person of the Month. What can I say? Well, I said it all in a fabulous, deep, oh so deep, interview wherein I bared my soul with Drew. Read it and weep! Hankies supplied!

My next win was something I don't know what I won. (I know, daft!)

Over at NickleAnnies place, (if you scroll down to the Happy Canada Day post - for some reason she doesn't have previous posts in the index *coughs and glares at NickleAnnie!!!*), you will see that I won something. She hasn't as yet determined a prize - ooh, I wonder what it will be?

As I don't have a picture of my prize to post, I will post a pic of the lovely woman from whom I won the prize!


You will note that she did say that she got a pen out of it! That doesn't mean I bribed her with a pen - if only it was that easy!

If you go to (I know *chuckles filthily*), you will see what it is all about!

Anyway, I am lucky! I won two things! Now I'm not going to win anything for another 35 years (or am I 36? who cares?)


Oh, and for all you folks out there wondering about the 'man-mustard' tree, the 'cum' tree, the 'smells like it shouldn't' tree? I am going out to a party this afty and when I come across that tree, I am soooo posting a pic of it. I would have done it earlier, but I thought that maybe my neighbours wouldn't approve of me going up to every tree I see, and smelling it 'just for an experiment for my blogging buddies' ya know?

In fact, as a special treat for you Stella? I am going to bottle the smell of both the tree AND a skunk, just so you can experience these fantastic smells. I bet you can't wait!

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