Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My music

Having recently purchased a delightful pink iPod, I have also in turn, been downloading 'legally' a boat load of music.

Now, as my taste in men is eclectic, so is my taste in music. I was talking to Ms Mac earlier via the fabulous IM and we were discussing the things I had downloaded/uploaded - whatever. Once I gave her the music list, her typing ceased. I thought maybe her fingers had dropped off right there and then hence the reason for the lack of communication. However, it appears she may have been in shock. She says she wasn't but I'm thinking she fibbed to make me feel better ;)

Having my iPod is great. I go for long walks so I'm getting fit and because of the excellent music I have installed, I go that extra block, just to hear it!

Anyway, just an example of the music iPodded: (is that even a word? if not, it should be)

Windsor Davies & Don Estelle - Whispering Grass (a copy of which I sent Jon whom I have to say was ecstatic upon hearing it - go find it, it's ace! I think Stella even liked it!)

Tim McGraw - Tiny Dancer (Yes, Elton Johns version) There is actually a story behind this. I had never heard Elton John sing this song, and once while watching Friends, Phoebe was singing "hold me closer Tony Danza" and everyone was laughing and I couldn't fingure out why. Then I watched the film Almost Famous wherein they actually sing the correct lyrics and I just about died! It all sank in! and I laughed. For Pheoebe, for Elton and for me. Then I heard Tim McGraw sing his version and I fell in love all over again. I have to tell you, once you hear that version, you will never listen to Elton sing it again!

Bridget the Midget - Ray Stevens <- Listen to it!!!!! > My mum used to have this on a 45 or my nanna had it, one or the other. I bloody loved this. Panthergirl and Jon both sent it to me yesterday, and it immediately brought back memories. I loved it! I also liked the Streak by Ray Stevens too I think!

The Gorrillaz - Feel Good Inc., I have just seen this on MTV and I have to say this is ace! I like watching the video almost as much as listening to the song.

Doris Day - By the Light of the Silvery Moon - Now I don't know what film this is from (I know it either has a sequel too or is the first of two - if anyone can tell me I'd be thrilled) but I love it. I like anything she sings - and Stella was listening to Que Sera Sera yesterday I know that for a fact!

Baggy Trousers - Madness - Stella sent me this. It took me so back to the Youth Club discos, and I was totally imagining my brothers listening to this. Can you remember the dance that you used to do to this song? Magic!

Irene Cara - Fame - Now tell me you wouldn't iPod this!!!!!! I remember the street scene where they all danced on the car etc., and I know I've read a blog somewhere of someone who used to go to this school of performing arts. Can't remember who though.

Oasis - Lyla I'm not a big fan of them at all but I love this song. In fact, once when we were flying back to England or had just landed in England I can't remember, we saw Oasis at the airport. The lead singer, Liam I think, the one that was with Patsy Kensit, well, he walked through the airport like he owned it. Everyone moving out of his way etc., I tell you, Lording it he was. Well, I just sat there and said "Look at that lanky piece of piss, like he lives at the airport!". Yes I did. AND I said it loud enough that he could hear it, if his hair wasn't covering his lugs. I was dead hard back then! His brother, the quiet one that always seems to have to stick up for his brother, well he seemed really nice, just window shopping. Why the other one can't be like that I don't know.

Johnny Cash - Boy Named Sue - If you don't laugh at this song then there is something wrong with you! My son loves it! That's all I have to say on that song.

Weezer - Beverly Hills. I just heard this song too on MTV. Not sure if I've heard their others or not but I like this. Not a fan of Hugh Heffner but the songs OK.

Then, Stella and Jon decided to show me how to gain musical taste, by sending me some rather delightful songs.

As you can imagine, I was deluged with McFly and Busted songs (most at my request) from Jon. He wasn't too happy that I was asking who each song was from and when I told him that the one McFly song "All About You" sounded like a Christmas song, well, if anyone can express anger through IM and bold text, it's Jon. I believe the words "have you ever READ my blog" were typed, or something to that effect! Listen to it, and you tell me you don't get the urge to start unwrapping presents!

Stella sent me an excellent song "Freedom Fighters" by The Music, and "Breakin" too. I preferred the second one but they were both good.

So, as you can see, I have an eclectic taste in music, but I think thats good. I like everything. Classical, Rock (which apparently McFly are included in coz they know how to play their own guitars - I'm really not making fun Jon, honestly), Country, Pop, Gospel etc., If it makes me feel good, then I'll listen to it.

What do you think? Tell me a song you think I should have iPodded, and why.

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