Monday, June 13, 2005

These thoughts have passed through my mind today.....

  • Do bananas make you constipated or the other way? I needed the answer to that question quite urgently this morning as when farting, I didn't want to follow through. (you didn't need to know that!)
  • If you eat Sugar Puffs for breakfast, your pee smells like Sugar Puffs for two days afterwards. Don't believe me? Try it. Ms Mac is. (you did need to know that)
  • I found out Ms Macs good news. It wasn't what I thought it was and it isn't what you think it is either!
  • I'm nervous for Frally and her NZ Idol quest. She has all my good thoughts but my stomach is turning for her.
  • I forgot that most people know me by Andi. Last night at work, some friends were in the building and were calling me Andi and my work mates were all "Who is this Andi?" Now they all call me that! Like it's something new! But all you guys already knew me so thats good.
  • Ruksak finally finished his Stink and the Suicides story and what a masterpiece.
  • There is nothing more therapeutic than IM ing with your one of your best friends and listening to these guys!:

  • I watched two episodes of Fat Actress with Kristie Alley and I actually laughed. It was funny and sarcastic and very funny. The bit with John Travolta had me laughing my arse off.
  • The preview for Dukes of Hazzard looks shit but funny.
  • Having a full week off work is great. Especially when I've finished unpacking and have nothing to do but sleep, IM, watch Sopranos and just chill.
  • I'm looking forward to my mum coming over to see us for two weeks.
  • I'm looking more forward to my kids leaving with her for a week!
  • and I'm looking even MORE forward to George leaving later that week to go pick them up! I'll have almost 5 days to myself. Wanna come over and party? Invite is here. Anytime!
  • AND I'm looking EVEN MORE FORWARD to going to see Stella and the gang in August!
  • I am loving being a founding member of the Bloggies It is ace.
  • and finally, finally, I get annoyed by the word weird. What happened to the old "i before e" thing you say so you know how to spell it. Bugger.
  • I have been trying to find the song "Bridget the Midget" for ever and a day. It's old. If anyone can find it and send me it I'd be chuffed to bits.
  • Oh and while you are at it, if you can find me a copy of Mandy Patinkin singing "Over the Rainbow" I'd be ...well....... over the rainbow.

Give me one of your thoughts today.

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