Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You HAVE to enter this competition now!!!!!

You all know about the brilliant, fantastic, fun competition that is working it's way around the blog-o-sphere.

The competition that is W.A.T.E.S , A.K.A. Where are the elf shorts?

Well, they have reached a new high. Spirit of Owl over there in the U.K. has come up with a stunner of a pic.


All you have to do is come up with a caption for this picture and you, YES YOU will be the lucky winner of the next leg of this competition! and you will be placed next on the W.A.T.E.S. map! (password - elfshorts!) Folks, go to his blog and comment, please!

I can't even wait to see the captions. This is a masterpiece! Congratulations Spirit! (and you are almost from my home town which makes it even more special!)

Good luck!

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