Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A shitty shitty day, till lunch time!

Today was a shitty shitty day, up until lunch time. Get settled while I tell you all about it. Now, bear in mind I have dealt with some idiots in my time, (like I'm Stone Age or something) but really...........

As you may recall, I had to sign my son up for Summer School. Well, he started yesterday and prior to him doing so, I asked him, being a concerned mom and all "How are you going to get to school for 7:45?" to which he barked back at me "Don't WORRY about it!!!! You're always going on at me, Just leave me alone, blah blah moan, blah blah whine......." So, the first morning, he gets up early, makes enough noise to re-start my poor old departed dryer, and then his driver friend started calling looking for the right house. Not only did Nick wake me up, so did the sodding phone calls. I bitched him out about that.

This morning, he gets up, and I'm in a deep sleep, dreaming about cows with long tongues (if you get that, I *heart* you*), when Nick comes knocking on my door. Bear in mind his class starts at 7:45, of course he wakes me up at 7:51!

Him: "Mummy, I don't have a ride for school"
Me: "You have to be &*$@ing kidding me?"
Him: "No - Joe couldn't come"
Me: "I'm not going to worry about it" (I mean, that was his answer to my earlier Q wasn't it?)
Him: "But how will I get there?" (we live about a 10 minute walk from the school FYI!!!!!!)
Me: "Walk or ride a bike"
Him: "I don't have a bike"
Me: "Use the one you've been leaving in the driveway for the past 2 weeks!"
Him: "Grumble, bitching, moaning, whining - door slams"

That was the start of my shitty day. An early wake up call.

Now, as I mentioned to you yesterday, today was the day I was going to get my Drivers License updated with our new address. (The Americans amongst you will read 'drivers license' and be all "Oh, I know where this is heading" but don't spoil it for the rest of them!!!!) Now, prior to this when I got my original DL, I had gone through a bunch of complete bollocks. I took the necessary paperwork, then was told I needed my Social Security card, then when I went home to get it, upon my return I was also told I needed some proof that I lived at that address. Then I went home to get that proof, and upon my return I was told that I also needed my Green Card. So after going backwards and forwards I was pissed. So, I had all this in mind when I called the Bureau of Motor Vehicles yesterday. I asked what specific paperwork/items I had to bring to change my address. I was told, just my old license and my social security card. I asked - in my English Accent no less - "is that all?" and was given a resounding "yes" with a bit of a 'You are wasting my time' attitude!!!!!

So, I make myself look as lovely as I can at 8:30 on a morning, and head off with my DL and SS card. I get there to see this:

BMV Line

Yes! The back of the very long line at the BMV at 8:40 am! These people, in climbing and cold weather gear had been waiting since the Winter months, so I knew I was going to be there a looong time. I joined the line and filled in the necessary paperwork.

The first question that came out of the doilem's mouth? "Are you a U.S. Citizen?" "Nope" "Do you have a green card?"


So yes, I had to drive home to go get it. I did ask however, before leaving if there was anything else I needed whilst there. I've been down that road before and it wasn't going to happen again.

I came back (looking flustered) and my gorgeous 'ready-for-my-close-up Mr DeMille' look had gone down the loo. This, my friends, is the end result.


Now, The circled in red bits?

Weight? 175 ? erm...... why not? I mean, I've been that before so I can be that again. Is a cop going to weigh me when he pulls me over for speeding? I think not.

Hair? Brown? erm...... why not? Thats what the box said!

Eyes? Green? erm..... I don't know. I think people with brown hair can have green eyes, so yes, they are green.

The reason I am showing you this? If my body is pulled out of a lake somewhere with my Drivers License in my pocket and George isn't the culprit? CNN will be all "175? brown and green? I don't think so" and then they'll put my picture up on the headline news and you all can call them and tell them the truth!

So it's for future references. Don't let me down!

I then had to go to Home Depot and buy a new dryer. A dryer is a dryer is a dryer so I got one and was in and out in 5 minutes. I'm good like that.

Then it was off to meet G for lunch at Yours Truly. We were sat at a nice table, spacious, etc., then I looked down and take a gander at this!:

G.W. Bush

If you click on that to make it bigger, you will see that this table, this table I am sitting at? The President was only sitting there a couple of months prior. The seat was still warm from his bum! I told you, I mingle with the Rich and Famous and yes, sometimes stupid people!

So that was the highlight of my day so far. Stupid people and stupid people. Oh, it can only get better.

Now, off to ogle that long tongued cow picture.................

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