Thursday, June 16, 2005

Help me out here!

Remember this?

Well, the court case is coming up on the 21st. Dan doesn't want to go (I somewhat agree with his decision), but I can make a victim impact statement for the judge to read - which I am so going to do. (I will be attending!!!!!)

I read an article in People or something a few weeks ago about some kid who died after another kid hit him just once in the head. I need articles of that kind, and I can't find them. If anyone can help me out here, I'd appreciate it. Something that I can read to the judge or have his see, that this could have happened to my son.

I mean, I need these kids who attacked Dan to know how close they could have come to this being a lot worse.

I will also be telling the judge that although they were suspended from school for 10 days, while they were at home, they weren't grounded or anything. In fact, they were free to roam around the streets, continuously harassing Dan. I mean, what were their parents teaching them? Strike that, parent. They live with their dad who is a cop. Yes. A COP! You'd think he would:

a) be mortified that his kids were causing trouble.
b) be more dilligent with his kids to try and teach them a lesson.

But who am I to tell other parents how to bring their kids up?

Anyway, that's the story so far. I just got up so I will be posting something lighter later.

But help me out if you can!

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